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5 Things To Consider Before You Purchase Car Recon Software

You should go out and get some new software for your dealership as the time has arrived. You are prepared to begin the research process. Still, before you do so, you need to be aware of the following five things, regardless of whether you operate a Buy Here Pay Here or Lease Here – Pay Here dealership, to ensure that you purchase the appropriate dealership management software to meet your requirements:


Suppose you are familiar with your current technology. In that case, you will be able to determine whether the software products you investigate can use the technology infrastructure you already have or whether or not you will need to buy additional or replacement hardware in addition to the new software.

You also need to be aware of the printers you currently have, your Internet connectivity, the local networking capabilities inside your business, and the amount of comfort your employees have with technology. By providing the Recon Software providers you’re considering with the information above, you’ll make it easier for them to ensure that they suggest the best solution for your dealerships. Our Simple Recon software help businesses automate tasks and simplify day-to-day operation for dealership showrooms. Click here to read more.


What are you hoping to achieve by purchasing new software for your dealership, and how does this connect to the larger objectives of your business, such as increasing the number of vehicles sold or the amount of money collected? It will be easier to find the appropriate solution to fulfill your wants and goals if you are aware of your expectations about the Car Recon Software you plan to buy and, once again, if you share those expectations with the software providers you are considering business with. It will be easier for you to ensure that you receive precisely what you want out of your new Recon software if you communicate your expectations and take steps to manage them.


Most management and retail automobile dealership are familiar with the process that is supposed to take place between the time a potential customer arrives on the lot and the time they agree to purchase a vehicle. This includes the steps that should take place before, during, and after the sale. Fewer dealers fully get, at the very least on a stage-by-stage level, what occurs between the moment the client arrives at the dealership and the time they drive away in their new car. You must have a solid understanding of each step that goes into that process to verify that the flow of that process matches the flow of the process in any prospective new software. It is tough to modify an established procedure and acquire compliance from your team to check software that follows a different progression. As a result, your workers will “fight” the software and will not be satisfied.


You may start looking at a budget for the project as soon as you have an evaluation of the technology you are now using, expectations for the new dealership software, and a crystal clear grasp of the process followed throughout each sale or lease. In the beginning, this doesn’t need to be very explicit. Each BHPH software and LHPH software has a unique price structure that is determined by the capabilities and features offered by the software. You may modify your budget often when you discover that more costly software with a more significant number of components may better fit your requirements, objectives, and procedures.

Be conscious of the fact that your budget should consist of two different parts. Most software requires an initial investment in licensing fees and ongoing support payments. You will discover that high-quality support is essential to the success of a new product, so you shouldn’t attempt to limit the continuing spending to save money. Instead, focus on maintaining a high level of support. This is where our Simple Recon software tops the list. Our Simple dealer software is all you need, with affordable pricing and easy-to-use features.


When do you wish to have the newly developed software ready for use? It is unusual to purchase a new dealership management system and have it operating in a short amount of time after making the purchase. The updated software must be loaded on your computer and customized to fulfill your requirements. Your employees will need to be instructed on how to utilize it. Certain forms must be often coded following your condition and your operation. This procedure typically takes a couple of months to complete. If you are switching from one piece of software to another, you will need to allocate more time to the data migration process.

This is something that a car dealer must pay special attention to. This conversion procedure might add several weeks to the total time required for the process, depending on the number of accounts in your portfolio. If you want to have your new DMS up and running by a given date, you must ensure that you allow enough time in the purchase process for the crucial tasks involved in getting it set up.


If you put in the time to perform the necessary research and come to the table with a plan, purchasing new Car Recon software may be much less stressful for you and the vendors you choose to consider. Sharing this information allows for the creation of the best, most accurate, and most competitive offers and quotations for software that best suits the requirements of your dealership. Because this is the method that results in the most satisfied and loyal clients, we make an effort to collaborate with you to configure our software in a manner that is tailored to match your requirements. Fill out this form to get a quote!

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