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The Benefits Of Document Scanning For Car Dealership Business

The benefits of document scanning software for car, trucks, boats, rv and motorcycle dealerships

For decades, your dealership has used paper for everything, including repair orders, parts orders, sales deal jackets, invoices, bookkeeping, and warranties. Often hundreds of pages each day, the sheer volume of paper produced by a dealership necessitates meticulous attention to detail to ensure that each document is filed correctly for future recall. In addition, dealerships are required by law to keep papers for seven to ten years, resulting in enormous file rooms and many industrial-size filing cabinets. This approach is wasteful, but it also imposes a substantial load on your business.

In the best-case scenario, all documents are filed correctly and are easily accessible. Still, unfortunately, many dealerships fall victim to poor document management practices or simple filing errors, which can have far-reaching effects on profitability by stifling sales, service, and accounting office operations. Dealerships have addressed this rising issue by eliminating paper files and storing digital copies that have been precisely scanned. By scanning all of their papers into a cloud-storage system, sales, customer support, and accounting staff may access documents from any digital device and instantly locate and retrieve the desired information. This Blog examines the advantages of using document scanning software and becoming paperless.

Enhanced Customer Experience

Document scanning and digital storage have an immediate effect on the customer experience. As most consumers are local and loyal to dealerships who treat them properly, dealerships always prioritize customer satisfaction. A successful connection with a client might result in repeated car purchases and regular repair and maintenance during the relationship’s lifetime.

Digital scanning software allows sales and service staff to swiftly retrieve client data with the click of a button instead of spending 10 minutes searching through a filing cabinet. This aids the dealership in establishing a favorable first impression. Customers will feel as if you are familiar with them and their car history, which will foster trust and enhance the connection. Additionally, it reduces wait times and possible irritation.

Reduce Expenses and Improve Allocation of Hiring Budget

Due to the importance of document management for smooth and effective operations, most dealerships’ first response is to recruit additional administrative personnel, which raises costs and diminishes profits. Without digital software in place, the dealership will create more paper as it expands. Additionally, employing additional administrative personnel might result in less funding for revenue-generating positions like sales and customer service, which can negatively influence revenue.

By using digital scanning software, dealerships may significantly cut the time and effort necessary to organize, file, and retrieve data, therefore alleviating the workload of administrative personnel. By allowing the accounting staff to perform more effectively, dealerships may reallocate personnel to revenue-generating jobs that will aid in the expansion of the company.

Boost Customer and data security

Several rules limit how dealerships must save and protect their documents. The dealership might face significant fines and penalties if it doesn’t meet these standards. Because so many individuals inside the dealership handle documents regularly, there is a high chance that files may go misplaced, lost, or wrongly filed, underscoring the need to implement effective document management policies and processes.

Numerous solutions on the market allow administrators to configure file permissions so that only particular individuals or departments have access to documents. If a document is lost or damaged, digital scanning software provides a guaranteed recovery method. Additionally, they guarantee that papers do not get into the wrong hands.

Scanners have recently been discovered photographing client files left on the service counter, then phoning them claiming to be the dealership and requesting credit card information. Using digital scanning software, such circumstances may be readily prevented. In addition, digitizing documents improves consumer data security by decreasing the probability that customer information will be duplicated or stolen.

Make Room for Profit-Generating Activities

More room is a basic but significant effect of going paperless. Most dealerships have enormous filing rooms crammed with file cabinets from floor to ceiling. Because dealerships are required to preserve the majority of data for up to ten years, records rapidly accumulate, increasing the dealership’s footprint as it expands. Square footage at dealerships is sought, as it is in any retail establishment. The bigger the square footage available for sales and components, the higher the income potential. By reducing the need for a massive file room, dealerships may increase showroom or service centre capacity or reclaim space in the parts department for retail accessories to generate more money.

Improve Compliance and Audit Management

A typical dealership spends most of their time on regulatory compliance, which corresponds to hundreds, if not thousands, of work hours. A significant portion of this time is devoted to ensuring that the dealership correctly records activities and files this information for future recall. Adopting a digital scanning software means that the dealership will be prepared for any random audits.

By automatically indexing documents in a readily accessible database, digital scanning software resolves this issue and alleviates this economic burden. In seconds, hundreds of pages of the material may be retrieved and distributed to the appropriate people for inspection. Dealerships may also offer auditors secure online access to see just the required files for the audit, making it easy for auditors to locate the information they need swiftly.

Additionally, digitally indexing paperwork expedites the service department’s ability to retrieve warranty-related data, possibly saving the dealership thousands of dollars during a warranty audit.

Conclusion –

Digitize Your Documents and Observe Immediate Rewards

Immediately realizing the advantages of digitizing your internal operations will occur across the dealership. Service and sales will work more effectively, and the dealership will be better equipped to surpass client expectations. Adopting our document scanning software will save money, but it will also create new income prospects and boost your profit margin. We have curated our dealership scanner to make sure you no longer need paperwork while dealing with customers. Contact us to know more about our dealership scanner.

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