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Why Texting Leads Is Better Than Email?

Today, most of car dealers use email as their primary method of contact with prospects and customers, and many have done so for years. An email has been tried, tested, and confirmed to function and has since gained widespread use. However, how about text messages? As consumers’ primary device becomes mobile, text messaging has surpassed email as the most effective way for companies to communicate with their customers.

Sending peer-to-peer bulk text messages is now feasible, and forward-thinking firms who use this communication channel are strengthening their ties with consumers and edging out the competition.

Here are the five reasons why text messages outperform conventional emails and why your dealership business should include texting in your marketing strategy:

1. Text Messages Outperform Email:

Vehicle dealership companies can contact almost anybody instantaneously with a simple text message with over four billion mobile devices globally. The choices are almost endless. Consumers now act in response to scarcity and urgency, so SMS text messaging is the greatest option for businesses.

2. Text Messages Provide Immediate Satisfaction:

Text messaging is most effective with people already acquainted with your company and the products or services you provide. To generate attention and engagement, it’s critical to be conversational and innovative with your offerings. This is where our dealer CRM solution comes into the picture. The software combines manual and automated actions for customers and allows dealers to send automated texts to their customers. We help track emails, SMS and phone calls, all in one place.

3. Text Messages Have a Higher Rate of Response:

Dealer businesses may provide their clients with two distinct impressions of the same message by using email and text messaging. Our CRM+ text platform’s early users have already experienced engagement rates of 40%. That is unmistakable evidence that text messaging facilitates the development of better and more real connections with clients.

4. Messages through Text Have No Spam Filters:

When email became a widely used mode of communication, restrictions tightened, and a big crackdown occurred. Due to the increasing noise and clogging of inboxes, email service providers have been obliged to devise novel solutions. Segmented inboxes, spam filters, permissions, consent, privacy, and rubbish folders are just a few solutions developed in response to this email plague.

While text messaging is subject to its own set of laws imposed by the TCPA, as compared to email, it is far simpler to cut through the clutter and reach customers. There is text messaging best practices that will ensure that you remain compliant while still reaping the advantages of this communication channel.

5. Text Messages and Email Work Better When Used in Combination:

Integrating text messaging and email into your entire digital and mobile strategy is more effective; it also works flawlessly. With the emergence of business texting, you do not need to abandon email fully. Utilize them in conjunction with one another. Our dealer CRM allows businesses to keep sending automated emails and text as well as remind you to follow up with customers.

Today, we enable hundreds of vehicle dealership companies to engage in more meaningful discussions with their customers via text messaging. You may be one of them! Call us now to enquire more about our solution!

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