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Why Use Social Media For Your Dealership?

Your dealership’s social media engagement helps in several real ways to customer acquisition, reputation enhancement, and overall digital marketing success. Your dealership should be all ears when success in digital marketing equates to increased vehicle sales. What’s the point of social media for car buyers? Due to an increase in social media users, a daily…

What’s The Point Of Social Media For Car Buyers?

Due to an increase in social media users, a daily post on social media related to your dealership business is quite impactful. Let’s see how!

  1. Social behaviour is persistent.

Automobile purchases need extensive investigation. If your dealership routinely produces high-quality social material optimized for research purposes and receives positive evaluations, you are likely to be chosen for a test drive. Indeed, 72% of auto consumers would travel 20-60 miles to a dealership with positive social media evaluations.

  1. As already established, social media is mobile.

Social media is a critical component in reaching those mobile-first customers. With the typical user in the United States spending up to five hours per day on their mobile device, and 36% of that time (almost two hours!) on social networking applications alone, the opportunity is ripe for the grabbing.

  1. Social is personal.

The highly tailored targeting possibilities available with social advertising enable your dealership to engage consumers differently.

Integrating social media into a dealership’s broader digital marketing plan is critical. By maintaining an active social media presence, you can leverage mobile-first consumers and enhance brand and dealership recognition. In the long run, this raises the value of your dealership’s reputation and attracts new customers. Social media also contributes to search engine optimization by influencing how easily people can discover you on search engines.

By targeting the proper demographic with the correct content, providing enough budget, and using audience targeting capabilities on your social networks, you can tremendously boost your social marketing success by attracting customers who exist outside of the SERPs to your dealership.

How can you know whether your dealership’s social media strategy is effective?

While social statistics may seem impenetrable, obtaining meaningful data is achievable if one knows what to look for. Keep in mind the value of likes, shares, and clicks. They suggest that consumers are receptive to your brand and business and are interested in learning more. Second, monitor your website’s referral sources. A rise in social referral traffic indicates that your efforts are paying off in funnelling potential clients down!

Our car delivery app allows businesses to access reports and keep an eye on your social media posts. Users can see which customer has shared the post and the number of views on the post in just a few clicks. Not only this, car dealers can take the consent of customers before posting their videos or photo on social media.

While the avalanche of data accessible from social media might be overwhelming, distil it down to the essentials. It has the potential to show social media as a significant sales opportunity for your business.


Social media marketing for automobile dealerships creates a great impact on the buyer’s mind. It encourages long-term engagement and the progression of your social followers along the sales funnel. Our Car delivery app allows vehicle dealers to instantly create a video while handing over the car keys to customers. The users can create, edit and share social media posts within the software and ask customers to share the post in their network which eventually increases your brand reputation. Contact us to know more!

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